Inside the morgue of The New York Times

Inside the morgue of The New York Times

Tumblr’s storyboard site posted an article last year that delved deep into The New York Times’ office, revealing its archive room affectionately known as the ‘morgue’.

A year is a long time in digital, yet the Times’ morgue features 160 years of newspaper clippings and other sacred artifacts. That’s a lot of floor space and a lot of stories told.

“I swear, we haven’t taken you to a torture chamber,” jokes Times photo editor Darcy Eveleigh, as she leads me through the double doors. There is no computer in the morgue. No internet service or cell reception. If we were to die here in the morgue — perhaps by an improperly secured two-ton cabinet — it’s safe to say it would take days for anyone to find our bodies.

It leads to a question, asked in the below video, where will news’ morgue be in a digital world?

Via The Morgue Is Alive! Inside the New York Times Photo Archive, Where History Lives On

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