Technology news site TechCrunch has just released its latest redesign after a seven-month-long process.

A priority for the publication was to make the site and its content faster and more accessible to mobile devices.

A while back, we were at a dinner, and when one of us mentioned that we were an editor at TechCrunch, the guy across the table from us chimed in, without introducing himself, with a well-worn complaint: “Why does your site load so slow? It’s unreadable on the tablet.” It’s not like we’re oblivious to this. We’re not just TechCrunch writers and editors, we’re also, first and foremost, TechCrunch readers.  It’s a pain point for us that our current site has the distinct honor of being among the slowest at AOL. AOL is, well, pretty slow.

On the speed improvements, TechCrunch claims the load time is give secons for a desktop page compared to 15 seconds previously. The redesign also uses responsive design and features a new logo and font set.

via TechCrunch Has Redesigned, Again | TechCrunch.