Banksy sells $220,000 worth of street art at $60 a pop

Banksy sells $220,000 worth of street art at $60 a pop

Whether thought of as a prolific street artist, pop culture icon or even a vandal, Banksy is most certainly a modern storyteller.

In his latest stunt on October 13, Banksy took to the streets to sell canvas works worth a reported $220,000 for just $60 each. The day’s takings for the stall a mere $420.

He posted the story and video on his website:

The video shows passers-by on the street not giving much attention to the modern masterpieces, with a few lucky punters stopping past to claim a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The stunt is similar to that of legendary violinist Joshua Bell, busking in a busy train station in disguise, for small change in 2007.

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