Can you ever make your website future-proof? In a recent talk Matt Andrews, a web developer at The Guardian, details how the news organisation completely re-imagined its digital offerings to suit the many devices, platforms and challenges of the day.

Much has been said about responsive design and, as far as design trends go, it is huge right now. Although, in the case of publishing it has been highlighted that the volume of content-heavy websites might not be a match made in heaven.

Andrews makes one point clearly that responsive design is only one part of the solution, looking ahead to the day when it becomes outdated or redundant.

He points to the major benefits of the total rebuild for The Guardian:

  • Our core content is optimised to be always-available, very quickly, to any class of device and browsing context
  • Our infrastructure means we can release things quickly and trivially without downtime or rollbacks
  • We don’t spend half our lives testing everything because our monitoring and progressive enhancement give us confidence
  • When the next big thing rolls around, we can quickly update the relevant parts of the application without having to commit to a full-scale rebuild (like we’ve had to do now!)

Read the full text from Andrews’ talk here: Responsive Design at The Guardian