Collaborate with other designers using InDesign

Collaborate with other designers using InDesign

If you’re working as part of a creative team using Adobe InDesign, you’ve more than likely come across a workflow bottleneck where Designer A has a document open that Designer B also needs to work on.

If you’re lucky enough to have a system that manages page workflow, that’s fantastic, but even some professional print publication tools are not that kind to offer multiple sets of hands on a page.

A neat little plugin, called LayoutZone, solves a major workflow issue and best of all it’s free. Watch the product video here:

Essentially, the plugin enables a user to highlight a portion of an InDesign document and create a LayoutZone that they can then place as a separate InDesign document for another user to work on at the same time. The zone then appears as a linked item on the master document that can be updated.

The plugin is simple and effective. Useful for small teams and publications like newspapers, magazines and newsletters but would be equally effective for agency and other creative production use.

Download link for LayoutZone



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