Above there are two very different logos. The one at the top is Yahoo’s new identity, unveiled after a very public month-long build up. It was designed by new CEO Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s in-house design team.

The new logo, complete with 90’s-style bevel edges, has been widely panned and much criticism has been aimed at Mayer’s personal involvement and very public process.

See the build up here:

The logo at the bottom was created completely differently. Popular design crowdsourcing service DesignCrowd asked its users to pitch their own alternate version. 242 submissions made for the $200 prize, a selected number of those entries are available on TheDrum.

The winning design, by Romanian logo designer  Felix Diaconu, on the other hand, has been highly praised by many online.

Click below to see full-size versions of the two logos.

Yahoo's new logo

Yahoo’s new logo


The winning Yahoo! logo contest entry on DesignCrowd