Much has been said about Twitter’s comparatively small audience compared to Facebook since its $1 billion filing for IPO revealed information about its user-base. The comparison between the two social media giants has come thick and fast.

Twitter has 215 million monthly active users compared to Facebook, at the same time, had over 600 million active users. For Facebook, that figure is now 1.15 billion.

One thing is clear, Twitter needs to find its point of difference to compete. In the IPO filings it makes a statement.

“We seek to foster a broad and engaged user community, and we encourage world leaders, government officials, celebrities, athletes, journalists, sports teams, media outlets and brands to use our products and services to express their views to broad audiences”.

AllThingsD has picked up that Twitter has ‘quietly updated the homepage over the weekend, changing the visual design and welcome text that people see when first encountering the service.’

A screenshot of the new hompage. Click to enlarge.

A screenshot of the new hompage. Click to enlarge.

A long-time issue for Twitter has been explaining itself to users and its ability to attract new users, that might not necessarily be early adopters, or ‘get it’ straight away.

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